Porto Heli? Just ask for a Luxury Home!


Porto Heli has been called the Riviera of Greece for decades and there is a good reason for that. Many, for that matter. The characterization is no accident after all. It is completely relevant to the cosmopolitan character of the area, its beautiful beaches, the good crowds, the unparalleled nature that surrounds the picturesque villages and towns.

But why is Porto Heli characterized as such? What makes it the Riviera of Greece?

1. It has amazing beaches
The central beach of Porto Heli is wonderful on its own, but to get to the best, it requires a bit of looking around. Hinitsa, for example, is only a few minutes away and it is perhaps the best beach in Argolida, excellently organized, with a perfect view.

2. The rich and famous select it for their vacations
On the hillsides around Porto Heli, there are many villas of famous Greeks and not only Greeks. Many people from abroad choose a vacation home in Porto Heli. Aghios Aimilianos, a few kilometers away, is a prime example.

3. Forests, mountains, nature
The beaches aren’t the only protagonists in Porto Heli. Argolida is full of forests and one of these surrounds Porto Heli. Mountains and sea, there is an idyllic combination that enchants everyone.

4. Leave your boat at Porto Heli
Offshore from the central beach of Porto Heli, you’ll see a lot of moored boats. They are an integral part of the cosmopolitan identity of the area and another reason why Porto Heli is called the Riviera of Greece.

5. The best neighbors
Ermioni, Koilada, Aghios Aimilianos (mentioned before), Hydra, Spetses; all of them are areas that the travelers to Porto Heli must visit. They all have the same character, the same love for life. One does not become a Riviera in isolation, the proper environment is a must.